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May 11, 2020 / Whitworth University

Season of Sh’ma!

May 11-17

This week we pray for:

  • All students as they take final exams. We pray for strength, focus, learning and transformation.
  • Seniors as they approach their original commencement date with the many mixed emotions of finishing up their season at Whitworth while also not experiencing the typical in-person commencement activities at this time. We pray for joy for the seniors and their families, for an awareness of God’s loving presence for them, and for meaningful closure for them. We also pray for their in-person commencement weekend Oct. 9-11, that God would prepare the way for rich and joyful celebrations then.
  • Students whose summer plans have been canceled because of COVID-19. We pray for God to provide meaningful work that would bless others and to provide financially for students. We particularly pray for the 70 students who were scheduled to serve as Whitworth Office of Church Engagement summer fellows all over the western United States, that God would provide other surprising opportunities to explore their gifts and callings in ministry service this summer.
  • Whitworth’s leaders as they discern God’s leading for Whitworth, particularly as we plan for the transition to return “back to work” and prepare for the fall semester. We pray for God’s wisdom, peace and strength.
  • The health and well-being of all Whitworth community members, particularly those who are more vulnerable to COVID-19’s impact, physically, emotionally and economically.
  • Our country and world that continue to grapple with the threat, disruption and suffering caused by COVID-19. We pray for healing, love and strength for all.
  • Our Campus Ministry “Sh’ma of the Day” daily posts of encouragement on YouTube and Instagram (@whitworthcampusministries), that God would use them to bring the hope and encouragement of Christ to our community as we “Listen” (Sh’ma) to God’s word together.
  • The student accounts staff that is working diligently to help current students and families find their ways forward in light of the economic challenges of this time. We pray for strength, wisdom, love and provision for all.
  • The admissions and financial aid staff and the enrollment and recruiting process for the incoming class of 2020, that God would provide for Whitworth and guide families who are discerning their college options. We particularly pray that students and families could get a realistic understanding of what Whitworth really is through the virtual visits, webinars and personal connections with admissions counselors.


Lord, thank you. We thank you for the season of Sh’ma, this season of listening. We listen to your voice and follow you because we recognize your voice as our Good Shepherd. We are grateful that you have led us and continue to lead us through each new challenge and opportunity as we praise you and live into the truth of the Gospel. Much as you led the children of Israel out of the wilderness and into their promised land, you have lead us through our wilderness and into our promise land. Strengthen us to continue to follow you faithfully and listen to your voice, receiving the guidance and strength we need. Please drown out all the other voices that tempt us to despair about uncertainties of the future. Instead, help us to Sh’ma! To listen! As your sheep who know your voice, we listen for the truth of your living reign in Jesus Christ and our inheritance in him, both today and for eternity. And may the truth of that Good News overflow out of our lives into those around us in increasing measure. Amen.

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