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February 24, 2020 / Whitworth University

The Destructive Threat of Idols

Feb. 24-March 1

Scripture: Deuteronomy 12:2

This week we pray for:

  • Local churches that students attend in and around Spokane, that God would bless those worshiping communities and provide meaningful worship, service and community for students attending them.
  • Monday’s lecture, “A Civil Dialogue on Abortion,” as two philosophers and good friends debate opposing sides on a very controversial issue. We pray that God would use this conversation, and others like it at Whitworth, to cultivate deep intellectual inquiry and passionate conviction alongside courageous and civil engagement with people who hold different perspectives.
  • Safe travels, joy, community and growth as the men and women God made them to be for our student athletes, forensics competitors and School of Business competitors who represent Whitworth throughout the semester.
  • Various important staff and faculty searches that are underway. We pray that God would be sending workers to Whitworth who will wholeheartedly serve God and forward Whitworth’s mission, and we pray for unity and clarity for the search committees overseeing the search processes.
  • Monday’s Faculty Assembly as faculty gather for important governance work and connections.
  • The 23rd Annual Gospel Explosion for Spokane hosted Friday on the Whitworth campus by Associate Chaplain for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Ministry Stephanie Nobles Beans, with the theme “O Give Thanks Unto the Lord, For He is Good!” We pray for a glorious night of gospel praise, community and reconciliation through the various community choirs, praise teams and soloists.
  • Campus worship this week:
    • Chapel Community Worship on Tuesday and Thursday as faculty, staff and students gather in worship and as Campus Pastor Lauren Taylor preaches on Tuesday. We also pray for Thursday’s service as we come together to sing, pray and celebrate the Lord’s Supper.
    • Tuesday night’s Hosanna service, as students gather for worship through music, prayer and reflection.
    • Wednesday night’s student-led AWAKE gathering, as students explore who God is, who they are and why that even matters through testimony, worship, a talk and small groups.
    • Monday-Friday’s daily reflective Morning Prayer services.
  • Startup Whitworth 2020, as students gather at Whitworth to pitch ideas and learn from business professionals and other disciplines as they help make an idea into a reality. We pray that God brings these students to use their gifts and ideas in service of his kingdom purposes for the flourishing of the world.


God on High, the Israelites knew who you were and knew your awesome power.  You brought them out of Egypt, but they wandered away from you and worshiped other gods. Regretfully, we do the same. Thank you for your gracious call away from idols to you, the true and living God. Thank you for rescuing us in Jesus from becoming like the lifeless idols we worship and thus giving us the opportunity to make you Lord of lords and King of kings over our lives. By the power and conviction of the Spirit, give us the insight, strength and courage to turn away from any other objects of our allegiance and adoration. As we turn to you in faithful worship, use us to help others do the same, for you alone are worthy of our praise. Amen.

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