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February 3, 2020 / Whitworth University

Listen: The Surprising Good News of the Book of Deuteronomy

Feb. 3-9

Scripture: Deuteronomy 1-4 – Our Place in God’s Big Story

This week we pray for:

  • Students as they enter their first full week of classes for the spring semester, that they would be ready to learn, work hard and engage well with their courses while also growing in meaningful relationships.
  • Faculty as they begin the new semester, for deepened love for students, passion for learning and creativity to teach well.
  • Winter athletics teams as they engage in competitions this week and spring athletics teams as they open their seasons. We pray for joy, perspective, community, safety and growth as the men and women God made them to be.
  • The first week of our campus worship programs of the semester:
    • Chapel Community Worship on Tuesday and Thursday as faculty, staff and students gather to worship God. We pray for Dean of Spiritual Life and Campus Pastor Forrest Buckner, as he begins our exploration of our theme for the semester, “Listen: The Surprising Good News of the Book of Deuteronomy,” on Tuesday. We also pray for Thursday’s service as we gather to sing and share Holy Communion. This Thursday we pray especially for the commissioning service for our student teachers as we celebrate the ways that we can all serve God in various vocations.
    • Tuesday night’s Hosanna service, a student-led gathering for worship through music, prayer and reflection.
    • Wednesday night’s student-led AWAKE outreach gathering, as students explore who God is, who they are and why that even matters.
    • Monday, Wednesday and Friday reflective Morning Prayer services.
  • The camp fair, that Whitworth students would be obedient to God’s call on their lives to serve him at summer camps wherever he may lead them.
  • The Faculty Scholarship Forum lunch and presentation gatherings that will occur this semester and begin Thursday. We pray that God would be equipping and empowering excellent scholar-teachers here at Whitworth who contribute to the common good of society and who glorify God through their scholarship.
  • Friday’s Why Whitworth campus visit day (and the similar visits through the semester ahead), that God would be guiding students and families in their college discernment process and that God would provide for Whitworth’s incoming class of fall 2020.


Loving Father, you alone are faithful and trustworthy, and your glory reaches to the heavens. Thank you for your love that has been made known through your grand story of salvation. Lord, you have only begun to show your servants the greatness of your power and the strength of your mighty arm – for what God is there in heaven or on earth who has redeemed us by his own blood and given us all we need for life and godliness? We praise you for your wonderful works and mighty acts. We pray that we would find our place in the Great Story of salvation today, as participants in and witnesses to your redemptive purposes for the universe. Amen.


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  1. Steven and Linda Tucker / Feb 3 2020 6:23 am

    Which chapter in Deuteronomy? ________________________________

    • Whitworth University / Feb 3 2020 9:42 am

      Dear Steven and Linda,

      Thank you for your question and for praying for Whitworth! We are giving an introductory overview of the book of Deuteronomy this week, focusing on Chapters 1-4 and God’s big story of salvation history. If you’d like to see the texts and titles of the chapel series, please visit You can also listen to the sermons after we preach them on: All are accessible from the chapel homepage.

      Kind regards in Christ,
      Forrest Buckner

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