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January 6, 2020 / Whitworth University

Glimpses of the Kingdom

Jan. 6-13

Scripture: Mark 1:15

This week we pray for:

  • Students and faculty who are participating in Jan Term study abroad programs away from Whitworth in: Tall Timber Ranch near Leavenworth, Wash., Washington D.C., Hawaii, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Guadeloupe, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. We pray for safety, rich learning, life-giving community, growth in cultural competency and further transformation into the people God made them to be.
  • Students who are on campus over Jan Term, for great learning, community connections and transformation by the Spirit of God.
  • Students, to make wise and healthy decisions in their time management, studies and relationships during this Jan Term.
  • Faculty enduring the rigors of Jan Term teaching three hours per day. We pray for strength, passion for their topic and ongoing eyes to see students as God does.
  • Jan Term Community Worship Services on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as we gather for a time of student-led praise, prayer and testimonies. We pray that God would unite us in joyful multicultural worship and that students would encounter Christ and respond in trust and obedience.


Lord, we are so thankful for the new year. We pray that you would bless the year ahead. Guide our days in your ways and light, that we may gain your wisdom. Fill this new year with your kindness that overflows through us in acts of justice and kindness to others. Because of your great love, may we be glad and rejoice all our days, and may we truly see glimpses of the Kingdom this year.

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