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September 30, 2019 / Whitworth University

Liberated into Life: Jesus vs. Evil

Sept. 30-Oct. 6

Scripture: Mark 5:1-20

This week we pray for:

  • Students as they continue to work hard in their studies. We pray for motivation, discipline and joy in learning.
  • Students who are struggling with physical or mental health difficulties, that they would know God’s love and provision. We also give thanks for our wonderful counselors in the counseling center and medical professionals in our health center. We pray for strength, wisdom and love by God’s Spirit as they provide care and guidance for students.
  • Monday’s monthly Faculty Assembly as faculty members join together for their important communal governance work.
  • Tuesday’s Pop-Up Lecture, “A Christian Dialogue about War, Peace and Security,” as Professor Casey Andrews, a member of a historic peace church, and Assistant Professor Don Comi, a retired Air Force colonel, model Christian civil discourse on an important and divisive contemporary topic.
  • Thursday’s lecture on “Culture Care” by world-renowned artist and author Makoto Fujimura. We pray that our campus community would grow in responding to God’s call to create culture for his glory and for the flourishing of all people.
  • Friday’s President’s Leadership Forum in downtown Spokane that welcomes Bob Woodward, legendary Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist/author and associate editor for The Washington Post. We pray that the event would provide valuable insight and community-building for the broader Spokane community.
  • Homecoming Weekend and all its accompanying festivities. We pray for safe travel and joyous reunions for all who will be returning to Whitworth for the occasion.
  • The Balance Your Bucs program, which helps equip students to handle money wisely; that God would work through this program to equip students to steward their money well and utilize it for God’s glory and service.
  • Campus worship this week:
    • Tuesday’s Chapel Community Worship as Kent McDonald preaches in our series, “This Changes Everything: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of Mark.”
    • Tuesday night’s student-led Hosanna worship gathering.
    • Wednesday night’s student-led AWAKE ministry gathering.
    • Thursday’s Chapel Community Worship gathering for music and the Lord’s Supper.
    • Monday, Wednesday and Friday reflective Morning Prayer services.
    • Mentor-led Life Groups as the 16 groups led by faculty and staff continue to meet for fellowship and encouragement in Christ.


Victorious God, we are grateful that you have overcome the power of evil. We are thankful that in the presence of Jesus, evil flees, and we are liberated into life. Liberate us anew that we might share the liberation of Christ with others, near and far. Amen.

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