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March 25, 2019 / Whitworth University

“Spring Break” – God’s Rest

March 25-April 1

This week we pray for:

  • All the students on our campus during this Spring Break week. We pray that they would find rest, community and purpose over this break.
  • Students who are traveling away from the Whitworth campus. We pray for safety, community, joy, love for others, abiding in Christ, and rich memories with God and friends.
  • Those participating in the UREC Spring Break adventure in California and those joining the Dornsife Center for Community Engagement Impact Trip, getting to know various ministries serving in Jesus’ name in Spokane.
  • The Whitworth students, and 180 other students from Pacific Northwest universities, serving at the annual Young Life Work Week at Washington Family Ranch in central Oregon. We pray that the students would grow closer with Jesus and in community through the experience, and we pray for the seeds from camp to find fertile and protected soil as they finish up at camp Tuesday and move on to other Spring Break activities.
  • Faculty to find refreshment, renewal and time to catch up during Spring Break.
  • Staff working on campus during Spring Break. We pray with gratitude for the staff members and their often unseen but essential work that enables Whitworth to function well and pursue its mission faithfully.
  • Student athletes competing all over the country this week, that they will bear witness to the love of Christ and grow as men and women as they compete and travel.
  • God’s provision for the incoming first-year and transfer student class. We pray with gratitude for the ways God has always provided in the past and pray with expectation for the students God will lead to Whitworth where they will be encouraged and equipped to be more faithfully the people God has made them to be.


Lord God, we praise you for a new season! All around us is evidence, of not only your existence, but that you are a good God. You are the creator of all we can see and cannot see. Wherever we live, we are immersed in your creative presence. We praise you for new life in spring that reminds us of new life in Christ our Savior. Lead us to live as your people in gratitude, gospel proclamation and life-giving love by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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