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February 18, 2019 / Whitworth University

Songs of Songs – Bride and Bridegroom and the God of Loving Relationship

Feb. 18- Feb. 25

This week we pray for:

  • Students to develop as whole human beings who love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength as they engage in their curricular and extracurricular activities here.
  • Healing of students, faculty and staff who have been battling illnesses and who have other health concerns.
  • Student athletes as they participate in various Pirate sports, for protection, joy, community and growth as men and women.
  • Campus worship this week:
    • Monday’s Unveiled student-led monthly worship service, which incorporates diverse music styles, languages and experiences.
    • Chapel Community Worship on Tuesday and Thursday as faculty, staff and students gather in worship and as Campus Pastor Lauren Taylor preaches on Tuesday. We also pray for Thursday’s service as we come together to sing, pray and celebrate the Lord’s Supper.
    • Tuesday night’s Hosanna service as students gather for worship through music, prayer and reflection.
    • Wednesday night’s student-led AWAKE gathering, as students explore who God is, who they are, and why that even matters through testimony, a talk and small groups.
    • Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s reflective Morning Prayer services.
  • The celebration of the 129th anniversary of Whitworth’s founding on Feb. 20, 1890. We pray with thanksgiving for the vision of George Whitworth to form a college in Sumner, Wash., and to pursue “that learning and culture of heart and mind that make the finished scholar.”
  • One Pine Day on Feb. 19-20 as the Whitworth community near and far rallies together to support various important needs and dreams of the Whitworth community. We pray with thanksgiving for all the generous donors who have supported Whitworth over the years and continue to do so.
  • This week’s staff development lunch and the subsequent monthly lunches, for community, encouragement and inspiration for staff as they forward the Whitworth mission every day.
  • Friday’s faculty development day as faculty explore together how to improve student persistence through inclusive pedagogy with Stanford professor Dr. Geoffrey Cohen, including ways to provide constructive feedback to students that engenders hope and success in their academics.
  • The 22nd Annual Gospel Explosion for Spokane hosted Friday on the Whitworth campus by Associate Chaplain for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Ministry, Stephaine Nobles Beans, with the theme “Heaven Coming Down To Earth!” We pray for a glorious night of praise and community through the various community choirs, praise teams and soloists.
  • This weekend’s BELIEF Conference, hosted by Whitworth’s student BELIEF Club and the Dornsife Center for Community Engagement, that brings high school students from local neighborhoods to campus for a college-preparation event. We pray for the many Whitworth student leaders who will be hosting and overseeing the event, and we pray for the high school students attending, that God would inspire them and open up doors for them to grow and develop to their full potential.


Lord, we come into your presence so aware of our human frailty and yet overwhelmed by your love for us. We thank you that there is no human experience that we might walk through where your love cannot reach us. If we climb the highest mountain, you are there, and if we find ourselves in the darkest valley of life, you are there. Thank you for calling us, your people, the bride of Christ. Teach us today to love you in greater and greater measure in response to your great love for us. In Jesus name, Amen.

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