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September 24, 2018 / Whitworth University

“Redefining Law”

Sept. 24-30

Scripture: Matthew 5: 17-48

This week we pray for:

  • Students’ relationships with other students, that by God’s grace they would develop empathy, grow in good communication skills, seek to know those with different perspectives, and love deeply.
  • Student athletes, for safety, community, and growth as the men and women God made them to be.
  • The Student Life “Well-Being” lecture series starting this week and lasting through the semester as various faculty members provide insight on nutritional, psychological, social, spiritual, social media, and physical well-being. We pray that through these lectures and other parallel Student Life efforts that students would grow in overall well-being and God’s intended flourishing for them.
  • Three rich guest lectures occurring this week, that the Whitworth community would listen well, engage in thoughtful dialogue, and be shaped by God’s Spirit to live and lead in society in God-honoring ways:
    • Tuesday’s Simpson Duvall lecture as Mark Noll, one of the country’s leading historians of American religion explores the current debate over the role of evangelical Christianity in the United States in his lecture, “American Evangelicalism: For Better or Worse?”
    • Guest lecturer and theologian Dr. Ruth Padilla DeBorst as she lectures Wednesday on “Living Justly in the Creation Community” and Thursday on “Living Justly Across Borders: A Christian Voice from the Two Thirds World.”
  • With gratitude for the generous donation of art for the Whitworth permanent collection from Whitworth’s most prominent alumni artist, Ben Frank Moss ’59, that is currently on display in the Lied Center for the Visual Arts. We pray that God would use the Moss art display to incite worship to God and inspire art students at Whitworth to utilize diligently and creatively their talents for God’s glory.
  • Campus Worship this week:
    • Tuesday’s Chapel Community Worship as Forrest Buckner preaches in our series, “Righteousness Redefined: Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew.”
    • Tuesday night’s student-led Hosanna worship gathering.
    • Wednesday night’s student-led AWAKE ministry gathering.
    • Thursday’s Chapel Community Worship gathering for music and the Lord’s Supper.
    • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday reflective Morning Prayer services.


Loving God, thank you for using your law to lead us to the grace of Jesus and to guide us in the way of obedience in and through the Spirit today. Free us from cheap grace that ignores your law and from graceless legalism which ignores your Son. Grow us in the obedience of faith and love until the day when Christ Jesus, who has perfectly fulfilled the law for us, perfectly fulfills the law in us. Amen.

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