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September 3, 2018 / Whitworth University


Sept. 3-10

This week we pray for:

  • First-year students as they finish their orientation activities and transition to their classes on Wednesday; that they would find meaningful relationships and community and be able to focus on academics as well.
  • Every student to take steps closer to Jesus this year and in so doing be transformed by God’s Spirit to love God and love people in greater depth.
  • Tuesday’s Club Fair, as clubs and organizations give students the opportunity to become involved throughout the Whitworth community. We pray for students (especially first-year students) to have wisdom about what to commit to along with boldness to try new things, all to the end of growing into the people God made them to be.
  • Thursday’s Opening Convocation, as Whitworth President Beck A. Taylor and the entire community gather to ask God’s blessings on the academic year ahead.
  • Thursday’s Intercultural Student Center Reception, in Hendricks Hall, as local and global students gather to welcome new and returning students to campus.
  • Morning Prayer beginning this Friday. The Morning Prayer services led by Ben Brody invite faculty, staff and students to join Christians around the world in a simple service of song and prayer each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Friday’s Ministry Fair, where church representatives and other local organizations will share opportunities for students to connect in worship and service. We pray particularly for students to get connected with local worshipping communities during their time at Whitworth.
  • Friday’s off-campus barbecue and all the students who will be living off campus this year. We pray for wise choices, good community, appropriate development toward adulthood and continued meaningful connections to Whitworth.

Loving God, we give you thanks for the gift of this new academic year. Thank you for each student who walks the Whitworth campus. Thank you for loving them and calling them closer to you. Thank you for your faithfulness to Whitworth for 128 years. We pray you’d continue to be glorified in this 129th year! Amen.

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