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April 23, 2018 / Whitworth University

A Tale of Two Cities: Babylon and the New Jerusalem

April 23-29

Rev. 18; 21:9-27

This week we pray:

  • For students to grow closer to Jesus and be transformed by God’s Spirit.
  • For students to get rest and find balance as they meet various obligations, including classes, relationships and work during the final few weeks of the semester.
  • For the President’s Leadership Forum at the Spokane Convention Center on Tuesday as Katherine Boo, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of the New York Times best-selling book Behind the Beautiful Forevers, speaks for Whitworth and Spokane community leaders. We also pray for Boo’s presentation on the Whitworth campus on Monday, that the community would be encouraged and inspired.
  • With thanksgiving for Act Six Cadre 12 as seniors present their capstone projects this week. We give thanks for the ways that God has transformed and equipped these student leaders and for how he is sending them out to participate in his work in their communities after they finish at Whitworth.
  • For the Spokane Intercollegiate Research Conference hosted at Whitworth on Saturday, which provides an opportunity for students from universities across Washington and from multiple majors and disciplines to present their research and scholarship, receive meaningful feedback, and develop scholarly community. We pray for all the participants to grow in their scholarly acumen, feel welcomed, and grow in their ability to honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity.
  • For campus worship this week:
    • Chapel Community Worship on Tuesday and Thursday as faculty, staff and students gather in worship and as Mindy Smith preaches in our series on Revelation on Tuesday. We also pray for Thursday’s service as we come together to worship God and to celebrate Communion together.
    • Tuesday night’s student-led Hosanna service, as students gather for worship through music, prayer and reflection.
    • Wednesday night’s student-led AWAKE gathering, as students explore who God is, who they are and why that even matters.
    • Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s reflective Morning Prayer services.
  • For the senior art and graphic design majors who have works in the senior art exhibit. We pray for those soon-to-be graduates, that they would continue to cultivate these gifts of art for God’s glory and for the good of the world.
  • For admissions and financial aid staff as they near the May 1 milestone date for the next incoming class of first-year students. We pray for God’s provision for Whitworth and for God’s peace and wisdom for families who are still making decisions.
  • For the various concerts this week and next, including the Jazz Combo, Men’s Chorus, Whitworth Choir and Wind Symphony, for the students to worship God through their music and grow in community, excellence and integrity through the performances.
  • For the Faculty Scholarship Forum this week as faculty share their scholarship, learn from colleagues and receive feedback regarding research.

Lord, we are thankful for our nation, and ask for you to guide and protect us. Send your Spirit throughout the land and touch the hearts of those that are called by your name. Guide our leaders and lead us to worship you as King even as we live as responsible citizens of our earthly communities. May your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

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