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January 3, 2018 / Whitworth University

All Things New!

Jan. 3-7

Ezekiel 36:26
I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you!

We pray for:

  • All students and faculty who are participating in the Jan Term courses led by Whitworth faculty in the following locations: Italy, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Guatemala (start of the Central American Study Program), Costa Rica, Panama, Ireland, Greece, Hawaii, Tanzania, China, and Tall Timber Camp in Washington’s Cascades. We pray for safety, love for one another, humility in regards to a new culture, a deep desire to learn, and an openness to the God who is the Creator and Sustainer of every country and people in the whole world.
  • Students who are taking courses at Whitworth for Jan Term. We pray for community, joy, deep learning and growth in Christ.
  • Students who are struggling with depression or other mental illness during this season of little sun. We pray for hope, freedom, peace, love, safety and God’s light for them.
  • Campus Worship this week as students and Campus Ministry staff gather together for worship, community and the Lord’s Supper on Thursday evening.
  • Whitworth winter-season athletes who return to competition this week. We pray for character development, growth into the men and women God made them to be, love for one another and joy as they continue to work hard together.
  • The wonderful Sodexo staff members, including the student workers, who consistently and joyfully provide food service to the Whitworth campus. We pray that God would strengthen them, provide for them, draw them close to God and guide them on their journeys.

Thank you, God, for the new year. Thank you for fresh starts and new life that we remember this time of year and that remind us of the true fresh start and new life that we have in Jesus. We surrender this coming year to you. Teach us to use our days wisely in love for you and love for others so that you may be glorified in all we do. Amen.

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