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April 17, 2017 / Whitworth University

The Joy of Deliverance

April 17-23

Psalm 118

This week we pray for…

  • graduating seniors who are anxious about their next steps after Whitworth. We ask that they would know and trust in God’s peace, love, and provision. We also pray that they finish their Whitworth careers well.
  • the many music and theatre students who are performing in a variety of settings as we near year’s end. We pray for joy and thankfulness as they exhibit the ways in which they and their gifts have grown and developed.
  • the Whitworth University Board of Trustees, which will gather for its annual spring meeting on campus this week. We pray for wisdom, encouragement, and joy for the trustees and for President Taylor as they continue their good work of helping Whitworth fulfill its mission faithfully.
  • Whitworth’s track & field team, which is competing in the NWC Track & Field Championships at Whitworth. We ask that they will work hard, grow in strength and maturity, and feel gratitude and joy for their gifts and the opportunity to use them.
  • all of our students as they continue to move toward the end of the spring semester. We ask that these students would find a rhythm of work, worship, rest and play that honors God and allows the students to flourish.
  • warmer spring weather and the new life and vitality it brings to all.
  • good learning and growth for all those who will hear Simpson-Duvall Lecturer, historian, former Whitworth chaplain, and bestselling author Ronald C. White, Jr., as he presents “Ulysses S. Grant: A Fresh Look at American Leadership.”
  • campus worship: Tuesday’s Chapel Community Worship Service as Forrest Buckner teaches in our series Encountering Jesus in the Psalms: Living Honestly with God; Tuesday’s student-led Hosanna worship event; Wednesday’s student-led AWAKE ministry gathering; Thursday’s Chapel Community Worship Service for music and communion; and reflective morning prayer services on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • prospective students and their families as they continue to process their university choices. We ask that God would provide for them and guide them. We also pray that God would provide for the Whitworth Class of 2021.

Lord, we give you thanks because you are good, and your love is eternal. In our distress we call to you, and you set us free. We are deeply grateful to know that we can trust in you, as we see so clearly in the resurrection of Jesus, even when we are surrounded by our enemies. You, oh God, are powerful and strong, and you have saved us. Amen.

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