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March 13, 2017 / Whitworth University

God’s Hatred Toward Evil

March 13-19

Psalm 137

This week we pray for…

  • our students during this Lenten season; we ask that Lent will provide them with an opportunity to reflect upon their life patterns, to pray more deeply, and to be generous to those in need.
  • our students as they approach midterms. We ask that they will have peace, strength, joy, and the ability to learn well.
  • our student-athletes as they practice and participate in upcoming competitions. We pray that they will continue to give their all, will grow in maturity and community, and will draw close to God through their participation.
  • Campus Worship:
    • Tuesday’s Chapel Community Worship, as Forrest Buckner teaches in our series, “Encountering Jesus in the Psalms: Living Honestly with God”
    • Tuesday’s student-led Hosanna worship event
    • Wednesday’s student-led AWAKE ministry gathering
    • Thursday’s Chapel Community Worship gathering for music and communion
    • Monday, Wednesday and Friday reflective morning-prayer services.
  • the second annual Diversity Monologues event at Whitworth, as eight students speak about how they have come to know hope from their distinct and diverse perspectives. We pray that Whitworth would continue to be a place where students of all backgrounds could find a place of belonging, love, and meaning.
  • the Whitworth Office of Church Engagement’s On Mission training event, during  which Carla, a missionary from Partners International, will share from many years of experience in Central Asia about how the holistic gospel is building bridges to communities and how the same can happen here.
  • the Whitworth Multicultural Visit Program as we invite high school juniors and seniors to share their diverse backgrounds and unique experiences while getting to know Whitworth.
  • all the admissions staff members who host the “Why Whitworth?” days on campus that continue throughout the spring, helping prospective students experience all that Whitworth has to offer.

Lord, we are thankful that you are a God of justice. We know that someday, all wickedness will cease and you will judge every evil deed. We are thankful that you are a God of justice and righteousness, the true King who will put everything to rights one day. We trust in your goodness and judgment, even while we wait for you to make your righteous reign fully known.

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