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March 6, 2017 / Whitworth University

Intimate Relationship with the God Who Knows Me

March 6-12

Psalm 139

This week we pray for…

  • students to persevere and focus in their studies, making the most of this opportunity to learn.
  • students and faculty who are studying abroad all over the world this semester. We ask for their safety, community, growth, and love of the culture and people in the areas where they are studying.
  • students who are participating in the spring Whitworth Theatre performance, Go, Dog. Go! We ask that they would share their work with joy and continue to grow into the men and women God has made them to be through this experience. We also pray that the performance would be a joyful gift to the broader Spokane community.
  • the student-leadership application and interview process that is currently under way. We ask that you will bless this search to fill the important resident assistant, cultural-diversity advocate, campus-ministry coordinator, health-education advocacy team, and student government (ASWU) positions in the residence halls and student life for next year. We pray for God to raise up the right students for these roles and for guidance by the Spirit for all who will be participating in the decision-making.
  • all who will hear from Staley Distinguished Christian Scholar Lecturer Kristen Johnson as she presents on campus and lectures about a biblical theology of justice, including her evening lecture, “Justice and Our Calling: From Genesis to Revelation.”
  • campus worship: Tuesday’s Chapel Community Worship, as President Beck A. Taylor, teaches in our series, “Encountering Jesus in the Psalms: Living Honestly with God”; Tuesday’s student-led Hosanna worship event; Wednesday’s student-led AWAKE ministry gathering; Thursday’s Chapel Community Worship gathering for music and communion; and our reflective morning-prayer services on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • prospective Whitworth students and their families. We ask that God would call together the students for the Whitworth Class of 2021.

We thank you, our God, that you have made us and that you know us. Thank you for the comfort of knowing that we cannot flee from your presence or hide from your love. Remind us and all people of your great goodness. Grant that we would not seek to flee from you, but would instead trust in you and your love, made known most clearly in Jesus.

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