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February 20, 2017 / Whitworth University

Plea to God the Judge

Feb. 20-26

Psalm 7

This week we pray for…

  • students who may be facing family or personal challenges. We ask that they will find the peace and support they need and will know God’s loving and powerful presence.
  • continued strength for our faculty and staff as they love and serve our Whitworth students.
  • Campus Worship:
    • Tuesday’s Chapel Community Worship, with Forrest Buckner teaching about “Encountering Jesus in the Psalms: Living Honestly with God.”
    • Tuesday’s student-led Hosanna worship event.
    • Wednesday’s student-led AWAKE ministry gathering.
    • Thursday’s Chapel Community Worship gathering for music and communion.
  • the 127th anniversary of Whitworth’s founding, on Feb. 20, 1890. We are thankful for the founder’s vision and resolve in founding a college to pursue the “learning and culture of heart and mind that make the finished scholar.”
  • Whitworth faculty who will be attending Friday’s Faculty Development Day; we ask that they will become even better equipped for their work as professors and that they will grow in community.
  • the presentation by Christian peacemaker Jer Swigert, “Faith-Informed Citizenship: Immigrants and Refugees.” We ask that students who attend would continue to grow into their roles of living under and witnessing to God’s kingly, peace-bringing rule in Jesus.
  • students and families who are engaged in the college search. We pray that God will guide them and provide for them as they decide where to attend university. We ask, too, that God will provide Whitworth with students for the Class of 2021 who will flourish here and who will bless the institution through their presence.
  • the dramatic performance “Weaving Our Sisters Voices,” which tells the stories of 13 named and unnamed women from the Bible through dance, music and poetry.
    the 2017 BELIEF conference, which brings to campus local high school students who may be the first in their families to go to college. BELIEF provides an intensive, mentor-based college-preparation weekend for these students.
  • The Black Student Union’s “Soulful Showcase.” We ask that the students involved will grow through the experience and that the money raised will provide well for a selected local nonprofit.

We thank you, Lord, for protection, for justice, and for saving us from our enemies. We are grateful that you have compassion not only for us, but even for those who would harm us. We are thankful for your unfailing love, and we praise you for your righteousness. We sing songs of praise to you, Oh, Lord Most High.

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