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October 10, 2016 / Whitworth University

Freeing the Wealthy

October 10-16

Luke 18:18-25

This week we pray for…

  • our students as they face exams and papers. We ask that they would work hard, learn well, and find their identities rooted in the love of God.
  • the able team of caregivers in the Whitworth Health Center as they support students’ health needs.
  • Whitworth’s President’s Leadership Forum, as the university welcomes Fareed Zakaria host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, to the Spokane Convention Center. Zakaria will speak to hundreds of Spokane community leaders on the topic
    “Election 2016: The View from Home and Abroad.”
  • the fall meeting of the Whitworth University Board of Trustees on campus Wednesday- Friday. We give thanks for this committed group of men and women, and we pray for wisdom, unity and God’s guidance for them.
  • campus worship programs: Chapel Community Worship, at which our coordinator for diversity, equity and inclusive ministry, Rev. Stephaine Nobles-Beans, preaches on Tuesday and we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together on Thursday; Hosanna, on Tuesday night; and AWAKE, on Wednesday night.
  • Whitworth’s presentation of The Music Man, opening Friday. We pray with thanksgiving for the hard work of all involved, and we pray that each person involved with the show – and the members of the audience – would grow in community, have an appreciation for God’s creativity, and enjoy the experience.
    Snapshot, a two-day visit event for high school seniors to experience Whitworth. Their time here includes an overnight stay in a residence hall, on-campus dining, class visits and presentations, a fair showcasing the extracurricular opportunities at Whitworth and more.
  • Family Weekend, as parents and family members visit their sons and daughters and get a taste of their Whitworth experience. We pray for safe travel, joyful reunions and guidance for parents and children as they discover new ways of relating in this season of transition.

Lord, words have a way of piercing our hearts and the defenses we have built up against you and your ways. Make us tender-hearted. Gently expose the reservations of our hearts, as you did for the wealthy young man centuries ago. Reveal to us your abundant goodness, and give us grace to be able to obey you, the Great Physician, who alone can heal our corrupt and deceitful hearts, and make us whole. Forgive us, Lord, for clinging to the remnants of life independent of you, and make us wholly yours. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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