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May 2, 2016 / Whitworth University

Peter’s Suffering, Arrest, and Deliverance

May 2-8

Acts 12:1-19

This week we pray for…

  • our students’ faith to be strengthened and for them to know that they have a higher purpose and call in Jesus Christ.
  • our students to let God’s light shine through them as they walk in confidence and grace.
  • every student to have God’s peace and serenity to restore his or her body, mind and spirit as stresses increase during the closing weeks of the semester.
  • wisdom, unity, and clarity of vision for members of the faculty at their monthly faculty assembly.
  • the President’s Leadership Forum at the Spokane Convention Center; we ask that the event would bless the broader Spokane community as we hear from Steve Case, co-founder of AOL. We pray for the campus community as well, as they interact with Case at a campus Q & A. We ask that all would be inspired by the innovative and generous work of the Case Foundation, which is investing in social change through world-transforming businesses.
  • ASWU’s Spring Fest. We ask that students and Whitworth’s North Spokane neighbors would joyfully grow in community through this gathering.
  • campus worship gatherings this week: morning prayer on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, community worship on Tuesday and Thursday, Hosanna on Tuesday evening, and AWAKE on Wednesday evening.

Lord, there will be times when trials and tribulations will cause your people to suffer. We are so thankful that you are there to comfort us and keep us, just as you comforted Peter during his persecution. We are grateful for the assurance that you will always be with us and that in times of trouble you will deliver us from the hands of the enemy.

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