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April 4, 2016 / Whitworth University

The Ascension!

April 4-10

Acts 1:3-11

This week we pray for…

  • our students as they move forward into the second half of the semester; we pray that they will persevere and grow in their faith through the journey.
  • our students as they navigate today’s digital culture; we ask that they would have wisdom and discernment in how to receive the gifts of the digital world without being mastered by it.
  • current and former faculty and staff who are struggling with serious illness; we ask that they would know God’s loving and powerful presence.
  • campus worship gatherings this week: morning prayer on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; Tuesday and Thursday community worship; Hosanna; and AWAKE.
  • visiting Whitworth alumna Laura Thaut Vinson, Ph.D., as she lectures from her extensive fieldwork on religious identity and communal violence in Nigeria.
  • the admissions office’s third annual Multicultural Visit Program (MVP), as Whitworth welcomes 70 high school juniors and seniors primarily from traditionally underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds; we ask that our visitors will experience God’s welcoming and empowering love in the Whitworth community.
  • Whitworth’s incoming freshman class – the Class of 2020; we pray that God will call the students that he wants in this class, providing both for the needs of Whitworth and for the prospective students and their families.

Lord, thank you that you are the Lord of heaven and earth. To you be glory and praise for ever. From the darkness of death, you have raised Christ to the right hand of your majesty on high. Help us to remain faithful. May we be ready to follow The Way and to be brought into the glory of his presence. We rejoice with songs of triumph!

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