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March 28, 2016 / Whitworth University

Peter’s Restoration

March 28-April 3

John 21:1-19

This week we pray for…

  • students who are returning from Easter celebrations with family and friends and for those who have lost loved ones recently or who are away from family; we ask that they will know God’s loving presence.
  • our community to walk the way of Christ’s cross together and to move boldly forward into God’s purpose for each of us and for Whitworth University; we ask this, trusting in God alone through the resurrected Messiah in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • our student-athletes, as they compete near and far in the month of April; we ask that they would travel safely, would grow in community, would give their all, would develop in character, and would glimpse God’s greater purposes for them through their participation.
  • Campus-worship gatherings this week: morning prayer on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday; Tuesday community worship, as Beck preaches; and Thursday community worship and communion, Hosanna, and AWAKE.
  • the annual Bruner-Welch Professor of Theology Lecture, presented this spring by current Bruner-Welch Chair Adam Neder, who will offer a reflection on the art of teaching Christian theology.
  • Whitworth’s Diversity Monologues, as Michael Benitez, Jr., Ph.D., hosts eight Whitworth community members who will share the ways in which they have come to experience community here at Whitworth.
  • our ongoing Academy of Discipleship Program, through the Whitworth Office of Church Engagement, which serves ministries and Christian organizations by training leaders, especially lay leaders, in theology and ministry.

Lord, thank you for putting a new song in our mouths and praise in our hearts. We are grateful to know that you are the one who restores us and renews us. You are the one who says, “If you love me, feed my sheep.” And Lord, we are willing to share this good news – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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