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March 14, 2016 / Whitworth University

Peter Rejects Jesus

March 14-20

Mark 14:26-31

This week we pray for…

  • students who want to serve others; we ask that the gifts and talents they have will be used for the glory of God.
  • students to share compassionately the love and truth of Christ in word and deed.
  • students to find the time to pray and seek the Lord, even in the midst of the busy week leading up to Spring Break.
  • those who will be traveling during Spring Break, including students and faculty on week-long service trips to Jamaica, Seattle, New York City, and Thailand. We pray also for those who will be working close to Whitworth – in Spokane and at a nearby Young Life camp.
  • students who are not able to get away for Spring Break; we ask that they will enjoy peace, rest, community, and joy.
  • God to provide the students that Whitworth needs in our incoming freshman class, and we ask that God will provide for the families who are currently making these important decisions.
  • Whitworth faculty as they continue to develop, present, and discuss innovative methods to enhance teaching and learning for our wonderful students.
  • campus worship gatherings this week: morning prayer, Tuesday and Thursday community worship, Hosanna, and AWAKE.
  • author Sarah Bessey as she shares a lecture with our community about being both an evangelical Christian and a feminist.
  • The counseling & health center, as the good folks there continue to help students navigate through the semester and as the Lord gives them wisdom and knowledge to care for our students.
  • Whitworth and the Spokane community, as we continue to partner with the police department in bridging gaps through trust and collaboration.

Lord, thank you for never rejecting us – because there have been times that we have rejected you. Remind us each and every day of your love for us, and keep us mindful that you will never leave us nor forsake us.

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  1. Lesley Williams / Mar 14 2016 9:39 am

    I have been praying for the Whitworth community via these posts for a couple of years now. It keeps me feeling connected to Whitworth. I think the posts used to contain the passages from the Bible instead of only the reference to the verses. Please add the actual passage at the top of the page. I often read these when I don’t have a Bible handy to look up the chapter and verse. Thanks! Otherwise, keep up the great posts. 🙂

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