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December 14, 2015 / Whitworth University

Entering God’s Rest

Dec. 14, 2015-Jan. 3, 2016

Hebrews 4:9-10
So then, a Sabbath rest still remains for the people of God; for those who enter God’s rest also cease from their labors as God did from his.

This week we pray for…

  • our students to have the mental, spiritual, and physical strength to endure this Finals Week (Dec. 13-18) and finish well.
  • seniors who are graduating at the end of this semester. We ask that they will feel God’s presence and call in this time of finishing at Whitworth and beginning a new chapter of their lives.
  • students heading home and to other locations for the Christmas holidays. We pray that they will travel safely and that they will find much-needed rest and enjoyment with family and friends.
  • Whitworth’s men’s and women’s basketball teams as they travel and compete in tournaments over Christmas Break. We ask for their safety and fellowship, as well as for their strong representation of Pirate spirit.
  • safety and respite for those who work at Whitworth University who are traveling to see family and friends during the holiday season.
  • campus worship: We ask for blessings on the annual candlelight nativity service in the chapel, which will feature the nativity story, the men’s chorus, and the Lord’s Supper as we reflect upon and celebrate the birth of our Savior.
  • Friday’s staff Christmas party and staff-development luncheon, as we rejoice in Emmanuel – God with us – and continue to engage in learning about the complete student experience at Whitworth.
  • unity and community across differences at Whitworth, particularly in light of the division and hatred that continue to arise across our nation.

Lord, we thank you that we can rest in your perfect peace. When life gets so busy and the world seems to move faster and faster, help us to slow down and to have that Sabbath rest in You. Thank you for loving us and for making rest a part of your plan.

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