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November 23, 2015 / Whitworth University

Oh, Give Thanks Unto The Lord!

Nov. 22-29, 2015

1 Thessalonians 5:18
In everything, give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

This week we give thanks for…

God’s incredible provision and protection during the windstorm of 2015 – for no injuries, no trees hitting dorms, incredible attitudes by students and staff, wise and swift leadership decisions, the ways in which the community sacrificially and joyfully loved one another through the storm and aftermath, power being restored to campus within 24 hours, a wonderful Windstorm Worship gathering on the day after the storm, and so much more.

We pray for…

  • utility and public-service workers as they continue to restore power to Spokane (including the homes of many staff, faculty, and off-campus students).
  • students, staff, and faculty as they get reoriented into their normal rhythms (for a few days, before Thanksgiving Break). We ask that they would know God’s peace and perspective in the midst of the disruption.
  • students heading into Thanksgiving Break. We pray that they will have a refreshing, joyful time with family and friends and will travel safely.
  • students who are not able to go home for Thanksgiving. May they know the gift of community and surrogate families in this time.
  • music students who are performing various recitals and concerts over this week and the next few weeks. We pray for their growth, gratitude, and joy through these events.
  • Tuesday’s community chapel service as we gather in worship for music, prayer, and a Thanksgiving message from Coordinator for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Stephy Nobles-Beans, ’01.

Lord, thank you for taking care of Whitworth during the windstorm and its aftermath. Thank you that you are the loving and sovereign God, in whom we can trust in the midst of the storms of life. In this time of Thanksgiving, we also remember those who regularly know the darkness, cold and hunger that a storm brings. May we not be complacent: May we have compassion, and may we be concerned enough to help, not just in word but in our deeds. Thank you that You are the giver of all good gifts. Amen.

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