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November 2, 2015 / Whitworth University

The Gift of Transformation

Nov. 1-8

Galatians 5:5
For through the Spirit we eagerly await by faith the righteousness for which we hope.

The week we pray for…

  • students returning from Fall Break. We pray that they are well-rested, refreshed and renewed as they head into this traditionally challenging season of the academic year.
  • a welcoming, hospitable spirit here on campus so that everyone who is a part of this community will feel and experience God’s love.
  • students to continue to build healthy relationships with their classmates, faculty and staff, as all encourage and support the development of Christian faith in members of our community.
  • student-athletes, as they travel and compete; as fall comes to a close and winter sports begin, we ask for continuing community, fun, growth with Jesus, and movement toward maturity.
  • campus worship: We pray for Tuesday’s community chapel service as we come together to praise, worship, and hear the Word of God from the book of Galatians; for Hosanna, as our students gather for at time of worship, sharing Scriptures, and reflection; for Wednesday night’s AWAKE gathering that fosters community and teaching in Jesus’ name; and for Thursday’s community chapel service as we gather for fellowship, reflection, and the Lord’s Supper.
  • Woodlawn’s first lunch discussion, at which we’ll ask the question, “What does Christian faith have to do with racism and racial reconciliation?”
  • the majors fair, which gives Whitworth students a great opportunity to talk with advisors about different majors here at our campus;
  • Pirate Night, Whitworth’s annual auction to help support our wonderful student-athletes.
  • Our Why Whitworth event, as we welcome prospective students and their parents to campus.
  • the Lindaman Chair Symposia Lecture and its accompanying exhibit in the library, “China’s Christianity,” which highlights the historical growth of Christianity and missionary efforts in China. 
  • the entire Whitworth community as we engage as administrators, faculty, and students in a mid-course recalibration of our Whitworth 2021 Courage at the Crossroads 10-Year Strategic Plan. Throughout the year, we will examine how we might adjust our objectives and key performance indicators to meet our goals in the second half of the plan’s life.

Lord, we thank you that through the Spirit we are transformed.  We are no longer burdened by the yoke of bondage. We now embody the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus, and we are free to tell everyone this good news!

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