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May 18, 2015 / Whitworth University

Give Thanks

May 17-24

“O Give thanks to the Lord; for God is good: God’s steadfast love endures forever.“
Psalms 136:1

After concluding the academic year this past week, we pray for…

  • students’ successful transitions, as all of our graduates step into the next phase of their lives, and for our current students as they begin their summer responsibilities. May God’s Spirit lead each one in the way of loving God and others, as well, as following Christ in sacrificial service.
  • the Provost’s Breakfast, on Monday morning, as faculty gather at the end of the Commencement Weekend to recognize teaching-award winners as well as to hear final words from our retiring faculty. May all of our faculty members have a deep sense of gratitude for God’s steadfast love.
  • the end-of-the-year retiree celebration, on Monday afternoon, as our staff and faculty celebrate a year, and in some cases a career, of faithful service to our students. May each employee be filed with the joy of God’s grace.
  • student leaders who close the dorms and say goodbye to each other on Tuesday, after a year of faithful service in guiding their fellow students in the development of campus community. May they also know the presence of God in this time of transition.
  • the president’s cabinet’s retreat, Tuesday and Wednesday, as vice presidents and senior administrators review the academic year and begin planning for next year. May they be given God’s wisdom and courage to lead with strength and conviction.
  • the Community Engagement Institute, on Thursday, as many faculty and staff interact with other Spokane leaders about the best ways to serve others in the region. May participants be given new insight about how to do their work with vision, passion, and purpose.
  • the faculty training workshop, on Thursday, for faculty contracted as advisors to incoming students for fall 2015. May they be fully equipped to welcome all of the freshmen, transfers, and graduate students who will be coming to Whitworth.
  • Whitworth track and field student-athletes who are competing in the NCCA Division III championships this upcoming weekend. May they be strong in body and purpose as they compete, always reflecting the best of Whitworth’s values.

Lord, we thank you so much for the time we have spent with students who have now graduated and for students who are taking the next step at Whitworth. We thank you for all who have given of their energy and skill. We thank you for the teachers and staff, for their families and loved ones, who have made sacrifices for the sake of Whitworth’s Christian mission. We thank you for your steadfast love, everpresent with us during this academic year. With gratitude, we pray in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Thank you for supporting Whitworth’s Christian mission throughout this academic year with your faithful prayers. We are most grateful for your spiritual support. This will be the last edition of “On Bended Knee” for the summer. Look for the renewal of this weekly prayer blog in mid-August.

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