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November 24, 2014 / Whitworth University

Gratitude for God’s Grace

Nov. 23-30

“Give thanks to the Lord, for God is good,
God’s steadfast love endures forever.”
Psalm 136:1

This week we pray with grateful hearts for…

  • the safety of our students, faculty and staff as they travel for the Thanksgiving holidays to be with family and friends. And for gatherings laced with feasting and meaningful conversations, we give thanks to God.
  • students who are unable to travel home; ask that they will find places and relationships during the long weekend that will nurture and encourage their lives.
  • Whitworth families, as they welcome their own students, and perhaps several others, into their homes. May each family express and feel a strong sense of welcome and hospitality as they celebrate together, with meaningful relational connections.
  • our faithful faculty, who teach with insight and passion as they lead our students into the experience of our Christian educational mission. Thank you, God, for these people who care so much about our students, their educations, and their lives.
  • our staff members, who serve with excellence and grace, caring for our community in countless ways as an expression of their commitment to Christ. Thank you, God, for these faithful Whitworth employees who are responsible to guide our students in the arts, athletics, forensics, education, and of the other expressions of Whitworth’s mission and our commitment to excellence.
  • our trustees, who give so selflessly of their time, talent and resources as they steward Whitworth’s mission. Thank you, God.
  • our alumni, who live out the Whitworth mission in their communities, their employment, their churches and the service they render. Thank you, God.

Lord, may the service that we do come from our hearts. May we serve with joy, always mindful of your great grace to us in Christ as well as in your sustaining, steadfast love. Make us attentive to all the ways in which your blessings come to us so that we live with an attitude of gratitude. We give thanks in Jesus’ name.

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