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September 23, 2013 / Whitworth University

I Believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth

Sept. 23-29

Luke 15:1-32, Prodigal Son and Gracious Father

This week we pray for…

  • our students, as the academic year enters its fourth week and as they adjust to a new regimen and to the rigors of their coursework. We pray especially for those who are struggling with the adjustments of being away from their families and home communities for the first time.
  • relationships among students, staff and faculty to develop in ways that encourage the members of the Whitworth community to be faithful in living out God’s calling upon our lives.
  • Monday’s guest lecturer Rafia Zakaria, the first woman to head up Amnesty International. She will speak about ongoing international conflicts related to terrorism.
  • the faculty’s Teaching Roundtable, Monday, as an integral part of Whitworth’s ongoing faculty development. Presentations and discussions focus on innovative teaching methods to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Tuesday’s community chapel service, as Dean of Spiritual Life Terry McGonigal preaches on the second clause of the Apostle’s Creed (see above). Please pray as well for Hosanna, a time of reflection, prayer and worship, and Thursday’s service of Holy Communion, with our student-led praise and worship team.
  • the first President’s Coffee of the 2013-14 academic year (Sept. 24). Beck hosts these coffees four times during each academic year. They provide a time for staff to meet with our president, for all of us to meet new employees, for attendees to listen to updates on the university, and for the Whitworth community to share in a devotional.
  • The Whitworth Student Symposium (Sept. 25), an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of intellectual discourse among students on campus. This student lecture is an extension of the stated goal that gives one selected student an opportunity to deliver a 20- to 30-minute lecture on a research topic of his/her choosing. Samuel Director will be the inaugural lecturer, speaking on the topic “A Lockean Objection to Stand-Your-Ground Laws.”
  • the first Why Whitworth Day of academic 2013-14, as prospective students and their parents visit the campus for an admissions presentation, lunch, a tour, a class visit and a parent seminar. Ask that they will enjoy their visit and find it informative as they make their decision about which college to attend.
  • Objective 8.3 of the Courage at the Crossroads 2011-21 Vision and Strategic Plan. We pray that we may be good stewards of all the resources entrusted to the university to advance the Whitworth 2021 plan.

We give thanks as we put our trust in the One who not only created each of us but who also sustains and cares for us each day as parents care for their children. We are grateful for God’s grace, which draws us deeper into our relationships with God in Christ, and we ask that we may serve with all our hearts, minds, souls, spirit and strength.

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