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February 11, 2013 / Whitworth University

God’s Constant Presence and Provision

Feb. 11-17

Luke 4:4
It is written: ‘It takes more than bread to really live.’
The Message

This week we pray for…

  • students to have clarity, to know the true meaning of the purpose of their lives, and to be reminded continuously, no matter what is happening in them, of  Jesus’ presence with them.
  • the Honors Colloquium on Feb. 9-10. This program for prospective freshmen who have been admitted with honors to Whitworth’s fall 2013 entering class includes morning worship, panel discussions, and interaction with faculty. May God lead every attendee to the right university next fall.
  • Scott Starbuck (Theology), who will speak on Psalm 45 at Faculty Scholarship Forum on Feb. 11. The forum, now in its 18th year, provides grass-roots support for faculty scholarship, serves as a forum for presentation of research, offers faculty members an opportunity to educate colleagues and receive feedback regarding research, and is a place for friendships to begin and flourish.
  • Campus Pastor Mindy Smith, as she speaks in Community Chapel on Tuesday, Feb. 12, on the temptations of Jesus (Luke 4:1-12).
  • Dorothy J. Edwards, author of the Green Dot Violence Prevention Strategy, as she speaks Wednesday, Feb. 13, on tactics to prevent sexual assault and relationship violence.
  • Ash Wednesday, Feb. 13, as the Whitworth community comes together for times of prayer and reflection at 7: 40 a.m. and noon, in the chapel.
  • Student-Teacher Commissioning on Thursday, Feb. 14, in Community Chapel, as Whitworth gathers to pray for our student teachers, who will  soon be stepping out to instruct others.
  • Lewis Baldwin, professor in religious studies at Vanderbilt University, as he presents Whitworth’s 2012-13 Simpson-Duvall Lecture on Thursday, Feb. 14. His topic will be the Civil Rights Movement and the spirituality of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Initiative 4.2 of Whitworth’s Courage at the Crossroads vision and strategic plan, as the university assesses current efforts to assist students, faculty and staff in developing intercultural competencies, and measures their effects on the living, learning, and working experiences of all members of the Whitworth community.

Lord, we are so grateful to know that we are never alone. Thank you for being in the midst of every circumstance, both the good and the bad, fulfilling your promise: “I am with you always.”

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