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September 10, 2012 / Whitworth University

Created for God’s Purposes

Sept. 10-16

Genesis 1:27-28
So God created humankind in God’s image, in the image of God God created them, male and female God created them. God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

This week we pray for…

  • our first Tuesday Chapel Worship Service on Sept. 11; Terry McGonigal will preach from Genesis 1:1-28. The theme for the fall semester is, “In the Beginning…God Created.” The chapel ministry staff will trace the trajectory of creation, as we explore creation past, creation present, and creation future.
  • our first Tuesday-night Hosanna Contemporary Praise Service, from 9:45-11 p.m. in the chapel, led by our student worship teams.
  • our first Thursday Chapel Prayer and Communion Service, as the president’s cabinet serves the elements of the Lord’s Supper to our students, staff and faculty.
  • Whitworth students as they adjust to their busy schedules — new classes, clubs, athletics practices and events, performance rehearsals, and connections with old and new friends.
  • the faculty, staff, and students at our Costa Rica Center. In the aftermath of the earthquake that shook the region last Wednesday morning, we give thanks to God that all the members of the Whitworth community living there are safe. At the same time, we pray for all those in Costa Rica who have suffered personal and physical loss. May they experience practical support and God’s healing presence.
  • the Courage at the Crossroads 2011-21 Vision and Strategic Plan for the advancement of Whitworth’s distinctive approach to integrating Christian faith and learning.

We give thanks for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon Whitworth University’s faculty, staff, and students. We are thankful for doors of opportunity to growth and development. We are grateful to God for his loving kindness and for the tender mercy that surrounds our campuses each and every day.

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  1. judygilbertnelson / Sep 10 2012 9:40 am

    Dear Terry,

    You may not be able to imagine what a difference you are making at Whitworth since I was there in the mid-60’s. Plus, I am still grateful to have had you as a professor at Phoenix Fuller those years. I’ll never forget your Psalms class among others.

    9/11 is a great day to begin chapels. Toby (Nelson) & I were at a church in New Jersey, and Toby worked at the Family assistance Center and then at the site part time for 9 months as a Chaplain. He didn’t get the word to evacuate because it was too dangerous, so he remained faithful. Toby experienced the Pit as a holy place because of the God-honoring attitudes of the workers and the reception he received as a Chaplain for those life-changing 9 months. The first night, he came home covered in dust & debris, and as I looked at his shoes, I knew that part of that dust was cremains. It was sobering and we still feel the trauma. Each time Toby would go to the Pit, things would be different than before, so he asked a police officer how he could get his bearings. The Officer told him to always look at the I-Beam Cross a worker had uncovered and then had set up for all to see. He said, “If you look at the cross, you will always find your way.” Toby said to him, “I could preach that!”

    I also am continually thankful that because of your advice, Toby were able to be reinstated from PCA back into PC(USA). I grieve for the churches who have left PC(USA). I found that there is no more life in other denominations and our own gives us freedom to preach and teach in a way no other does.

    Thank you Terry for being a powerful influence in my life.

    Judy (Gilbert) Nelson

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