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May 16, 2016 / Whitworth University

Give Thanks

May 16-22

This is the final On Bended Knee for the 2015-16 academic year. Thank you for your faithful prayer for Whitworth this year. We believe that it matters, and we end the year full of thanks for God’s care, provision, and blessing. This prayer blog for the Whitworth community will resume the first week of September.

Psalms 136:1
O Give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his steadfast love endures forever.

This week we pray for…

  • strength, perseverance, wisdom and joy as students make their way through Finals Week.
  • our students, as they finish the semester and spread out all over the country and the world. We ask for them to know God’s abiding presence in Jesus wherever they are, to find community, and to continue to grow into the fullness of who God made them to be.
  • the Class of 2016, including traditional and continuing studies undergraduate students and graduate students. We pray with gratitude for the gift that each one of these students has been to the Whitworth community, with sadness at seeing them leave us to make their way in the world, and with trust that each will experience God’s loving presence in all that lies ahead.
  • our outstanding, caring faculty members as they finish up the semester. We ask for their endurance in both relationships and grading!
  • Commencement Weekend activities:
    • Senior reflections, as seniors remember and celebrate their time at Whitworth
    • The ROTC Commissioning Service, as our student cadets are pinned and commissioned to serve and protect our country
    • Senior Service for Communion and Commissioning for all graduating seniors, parents, and guests, as we come to the Table of the Lord and anoint students from the Class of 2016 for service to Christ
    • Sunday’s baccalaureate service for students, families, loved ones, and all members of the Whitworth community. We ask that God would be made known and joyfully worshiped at the ceremony, led by this year’s preacher, retiring Professor of Theology Roger Mohrlang.
    • Sunday’s undergraduate commencement and Saturday’s graduate-student ceremony. We ask that these would be times of rejoicing and gratitude for students and loved ones and that everyone involved would have eyes to see the grace, love, and goodness of God that they have experienced at Whitworth.
  • the Class of 2016. We ask that doors of opportunity will open for our bachelor’s and master’s graduates and that these new alumni, wherever they go, will continue to grow in honoring God, following Christ, and serving humanity.

Lord, we thank you so much for the time you have given us with past graduates and with the members of the Class of 2016. We thank you for all who have given of their energy and skill. We thank you for worthy teachers and mentors, for loving families and for supportive friends. We now entrust these soon-to-graduate Whitworthians into your powerful and loving hands.

May 9, 2016 / Whitworth University

Our Living Hope

May 9-15

1 Peter 1:3-9

This week we pray for…

  • our students as they finish their final full week of classes for the semester; we ask that each one will feel strength, focus, joy, and peace.
  • our seniors as they prepare for not only graduation, but for the next phase in their lives.
  • students who are performing in recitals. May they overcome their nerves, call upon their hours of preparation and hard work, and perform just as they had hoped they would.
  • Roger and Mohrlang and Ron Prosser as they retire – Roger after 38 years of teaching in the Whitworth Theology Department and Ron after 20 years of teaching for Whitworth Graduate Studies in Education. We give thanks for Roger and Dottie (who has also contributed so much to Whitworth) and for Ron, and for their years of dedication to the university.
  • our final campus worship gatherings of 2015-16, with thanks for this wonderful semester of worshiping God as a community. We are grateful for daily morning prayer; for Tuesday’s community worship and its sermon, by Dean of Spiritual Life Forrest Buckner, on Peter’s journey of tasting the goodness of the Lord; for Thursday community worship and celebration of communion in The Loop; and for Hosanna and AWAKE, with particular thanks to God for the amazing student leaders who have faithfully led these ministries this year.
  • the Whitworth community to grow in doing justice and loving mercy through inspiration from visiting guest speaker Tirus Karunga, director of Medical Ambassadors International for East Africa, as he shares with the Whitworth community regarding the health struggles of people in Ethiopia.

Lord, there are times when we feel helpless, and there are times when we feel weak. We thank you for hope: hope for a better future, hope for a better life. We are thankful for the hope that you give us, through your love and kindness. We are so very grateful that we walk in your light, and that we have faith in you as our living hope.

May 2, 2016 / Whitworth University

Peter’s Suffering, Arrest, and Deliverance

May 2-8

Acts 12:1-19

This week we pray for…

  • our students’ faith to be strengthened and for them to know that they have a higher purpose and call in Jesus Christ.
  • our students to let God’s light shine through them as they walk in confidence and grace.
  • every student to have God’s peace and serenity to restore his or her body, mind and spirit as stresses increase during the closing weeks of the semester.
  • wisdom, unity, and clarity of vision for members of the faculty at their monthly faculty assembly.
  • the President’s Leadership Forum at the Spokane Convention Center; we ask that the event would bless the broader Spokane community as we hear from Steve Case, co-founder of AOL. We pray for the campus community as well, as they interact with Case at a campus Q & A. We ask that all would be inspired by the innovative and generous work of the Case Foundation, which is investing in social change through world-transforming businesses.
  • ASWU’s Spring Fest. We ask that students and Whitworth’s North Spokane neighbors would joyfully grow in community through this gathering.
  • campus worship gatherings this week: morning prayer on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, community worship on Tuesday and Thursday, Hosanna on Tuesday evening, and AWAKE on Wednesday evening.

Lord, there will be times when trials and tribulations will cause your people to suffer. We are so thankful that you are there to comfort us and keep us, just as you comforted Peter during his persecution. We are grateful for the assurance that you will always be with us and that in times of trouble you will deliver us from the hands of the enemy.

April 25, 2016 / Whitworth University

“What I have I give you.” – God’s Using Peter to Heal

April 25-May 1

Acts 3:1-10

This week we pray for…

  • our students’ perseverance in their work, that they would not grow weary in doing good.
  • hope for students with mental-health struggles; we ask that they would find the help they need and that God would guide our counselors in their work by the Holy Spirit.
  • senior recitals and final music performances for students; we ask that you give them peace and allow them to find these culminating events full of worship and joy.
  • safe travels, humility, unity, joy, and an openness to God’s abiding presence for our athletes as they move toward the end of their spring seasons and, for many, into postseason opportunities.
  • campus worship gatherings this week: morning prayer on Monday, Tuesday and Friday; community worship on Tuesday and Thursday; Hosanna on Tuesday evening, and AWAKE on Wednesday evening.
  • Thursday community worship, as the African Children’s Choir, comprising 18 children from Uganda, leads us. We pray for the choir’s year-long tour and for the children’s families back in Uganda. And we give thanks for the college education that all of the choir members will receive as a result of their involvement in the choir.
  • this week’s President’s Coffee with President Beck A. Taylor, as we gather to meet new employees and recognize staff for their years of faithful service.
  • a lecture by Trish Morita-Mullaney, ’89, Ph.D., on being Asian American today, as well as lectures by the Rev. Will Gafney, Ph.D., on a womanist approach to the Hebrew scriptures.
  • our 46th annual Whitworth lu’au, as we celebrate Hawai’ian culture, dance, and (delicious) food.

Lord, help us to surrender to you everything that we are and everything that we are striving to be. We open the deepest parts of our hearts and invite your Holy Spirit to dwell inside of us. We are thankful that you have the power to heal from the inside out, and as we surrender to you all our hurt, pain, worry, doubt, fear and anxiety, we are confident that you will make us whole.

April 11, 2016 / Whitworth University

Pentecost – Babel Redeemed

April 11-17

Acts 2:1-13

This week we pray for…

  • students to have comfort and provision as they continue their studies; we ask that they will find rest during their busy lives.
  • healthy relationships that provide the support and encouragement our students need for their journeys.
  • faculty members, as they invest in the education of the wonderful students of Whitworth.
  • the spring board of trustees meeting on campus this week, with thanksgiving for our committed trustees. We pray for their wisdom, good communication, and direction as they work together so that Whitworth can flourish.
  • campus worship gatherings this week: morning prayer on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, community worship on Tuesday and Thursday, Hosanna on Tuesday evening, and AWAKE on Wednesday evening.
  • “Deepening the Conversation on Race Behind and Beyond the Pine Cone Curtain,” a time of dialogue, listening and reflection based on the movie “Cracking the Codes,” facilitated by David Garcia and Larry Burnley of the Whitworth Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.
  • the Gordon S. Jackson Conference in Media Law & Ethics, as students, faculty and the public gather Saturday to explore research, practice and professional issues related to mass communication law and ethics.

Lord , You created us, O Maker of heaven and earth; you created us equal before you. And just as all of us have sinned and fallen short of your glory, so did you send your Son to die for all of us, that we and all of creation might be redeemed and restored to right relationship with you and with each other. Thank you for your grace, which reaches out to all of us, sinners and redeemed, before you.

April 4, 2016 / Whitworth University

The Ascension!

April 4-10

Acts 1:3-11

This week we pray for…

  • our students as they move forward into the second half of the semester; we pray that they will persevere and grow in their faith through the journey.
  • our students as they navigate today’s digital culture; we ask that they would have wisdom and discernment in how to receive the gifts of the digital world without being mastered by it.
  • current and former faculty and staff who are struggling with serious illness; we ask that they would know God’s loving and powerful presence.
  • campus worship gatherings this week: morning prayer on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; Tuesday and Thursday community worship; Hosanna; and AWAKE.
  • visiting Whitworth alumna Laura Thaut Vinson, Ph.D., as she lectures from her extensive fieldwork on religious identity and communal violence in Nigeria.
  • the admissions office’s third annual Multicultural Visit Program (MVP), as Whitworth welcomes 70 high school juniors and seniors primarily from traditionally underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds; we ask that our visitors will experience God’s welcoming and empowering love in the Whitworth community.
  • Whitworth’s incoming freshman class – the Class of 2020; we pray that God will call the students that he wants in this class, providing both for the needs of Whitworth and for the prospective students and their families.

Lord, thank you that you are the Lord of heaven and earth. To you be glory and praise for ever. From the darkness of death, you have raised Christ to the right hand of your majesty on high. Help us to remain faithful. May we be ready to follow The Way and to be brought into the glory of his presence. We rejoice with songs of triumph!

March 28, 2016 / Whitworth University

Peter’s Restoration

March 28-April 3

John 21:1-19

This week we pray for…

  • students who are returning from Easter celebrations with family and friends and for those who have lost loved ones recently or who are away from family; we ask that they will know God’s loving presence.
  • our community to walk the way of Christ’s cross together and to move boldly forward into God’s purpose for each of us and for Whitworth University; we ask this, trusting in God alone through the resurrected Messiah in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • our student-athletes, as they compete near and far in the month of April; we ask that they would travel safely, would grow in community, would give their all, would develop in character, and would glimpse God’s greater purposes for them through their participation.
  • Campus-worship gatherings this week: morning prayer on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday; Tuesday community worship, as Beck preaches; and Thursday community worship and communion, Hosanna, and AWAKE.
  • the annual Bruner-Welch Professor of Theology Lecture, presented this spring by current Bruner-Welch Chair Adam Neder, who will offer a reflection on the art of teaching Christian theology.
  • Whitworth’s Diversity Monologues, as Michael Benitez, Jr., Ph.D., hosts eight Whitworth community members who will share the ways in which they have come to experience community here at Whitworth.
  • our ongoing Academy of Discipleship Program, through the Whitworth Office of Church Engagement, which serves ministries and Christian organizations by training leaders, especially lay leaders, in theology and ministry.

Lord, thank you for putting a new song in our mouths and praise in our hearts. We are grateful to know that you are the one who restores us and renews us. You are the one who says, “If you love me, feed my sheep.” And Lord, we are willing to share this good news – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

March 21, 2016 / Whitworth University

O, Give Thanks!

March 21-27 (Spring Break)

Psalm 118-1-7

This week we pray for…

  • the Whitworth community to know and experience firsthand by the Spirit God’s extravagant love, revealed in Jesus’ death, and God’s abundant victory, revealed in Jesus’ resurrection.
  • joyful celebrations of Easter that look to Christ in faith and rejoice in community.
  • students on Spring Break; we ask that they will travel safely and return to us refreshed, renewed, and restored.
  • Spring Break service and mission trips to Jamaica, downtown Spokane, a nearby Young Life Camp, Seattle, New York City, and Thailand.
  • students who are not able to get away for Spring Break; we ask for their peace, rest, community, and joy.
  • students who may be struggling and discouraged; we pray that they will be reminded of God’s faithfulness and mighty deeds.
  • Whitworth President Beck Taylor, as he continues to seek wisdom, understanding and knowledge in his leadership at Whitworth.

Lord, we give you thanks. You are good to all of us, and your love endures forever. We are so grateful that you are with us continually, and that you, O Lord, are our help.

March 14, 2016 / Whitworth University

Peter Rejects Jesus

March 14-20

Mark 14:26-31

This week we pray for…

  • students who want to serve others; we ask that the gifts and talents they have will be used for the glory of God.
  • students to share compassionately the love and truth of Christ in word and deed.
  • students to find the time to pray and seek the Lord, even in the midst of the busy week leading up to Spring Break.
  • those who will be traveling during Spring Break, including students and faculty on week-long service trips to Jamaica, Seattle, New York City, and Thailand. We pray also for those who will be working close to Whitworth – in Spokane and at a nearby Young Life camp.
  • students who are not able to get away for Spring Break; we ask that they will enjoy peace, rest, community, and joy.
  • God to provide the students that Whitworth needs in our incoming freshman class, and we ask that God will provide for the families who are currently making these important decisions.
  • Whitworth faculty as they continue to develop, present, and discuss innovative methods to enhance teaching and learning for our wonderful students.
  • campus worship gatherings this week: morning prayer, Tuesday and Thursday community worship, Hosanna, and AWAKE.
  • author Sarah Bessey as she shares a lecture with our community about being both an evangelical Christian and a feminist.
  • The counseling & health center, as the good folks there continue to help students navigate through the semester and as the Lord gives them wisdom and knowledge to care for our students.
  • Whitworth and the Spokane community, as we continue to partner with the police department in bridging gaps through trust and collaboration.

Lord, thank you for never rejecting us – because there have been times that we have rejected you. Remind us each and every day of your love for us, and keep us mindful that you will never leave us nor forsake us.

March 7, 2016 / Whitworth University

The Suffering Messiah

March 7-13

Mark 8:27-38

This week we pray for…

  • our students to find purpose in their studies and extracurricular activities.
  • the student leadership-selection process, as student life selects next year’s residence assistants; we ask that God would call forward students who can play this important role in the dorms.
  • wisdom for Whitworth administrators as they guide the university to continue to be a place where students grow to honor God, follow Christ, and serve humanity.
  • campus worship gatherings this week, including Tuesday and Thursday community worship, Hosanna, and AWAKE.
  • the missions fair, as we welcome representatives from various Christian organizations to talk with students about their work sharing the gospel around the world; we ask that God would inspire students to join in Christ’s ministry of reconciliation both locally and abroad.
  • The Whitworth Theatre spring production, Enchanted April. We ask that the students, staff, and faculty involved would have fun, would grow in community, and would present the show as a worshipful expression of their gifts and passions.
  • Chap Clark, professor and chair of the Fuller Seminary Youth, Family, and Culture Department, as he presents a lecture for the Whitworth and Spokane communities and teaches a youth-ministry-training day, hosted by the Whitworth Office of Church Engagement, for Spokane youth ministers.
  • the Whitworth students who are so ably representing Whitworth in national competitions, including the men’s basketball team, the forensics team, and members of the swimming teams and the indoor track and field team.
  • this year’s final Honors Colloquium, as we welcome prospective students and their families to learn more about Whitworth; we ask that God will guide them in this college search process.
  • the celebration of George F. Whitworth’s 200th birthday, with thanksgiving for the university’s founder and for the gathering of Whitworth alumni to affirm Whitworth’s rich heritage and exciting future.

Lord, we thank you for being our Messiah, “Christ the Anointed One,” and for suffering for us because you love us. We thank you that one day you will return in glory to set all things right. In the meantime, may all the world come to know and trust you, our Lord and Messiah.


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